18:14"Then I let the stories live
inside my head, again and again
until the real world fades back
into cricket lullabies
and my own dreams." — Jacqueline Woodson   (via corvidae-and-crossroads)

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Season of the witch © Kaia Pieters | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.

Twin Peaks (1990)
Mark Frost and David Lynch

Jules et Jim (1962), dir. François Truffaut
18:11"My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart." — Maya Angelou (via emotional-algebra)

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Ariadne, John Lavery
18:11"I’m just tired; I just want the world to be quiet for a bit." — Matty Healy (via 13thmoon)

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Grand Central, NYC 1929Its not possible anymore to take such photograph, as the buildings outside block the sun rays.

I think about this at least once a day

who cares it looks sick
18:10"I wasn’t certain of anything, but I had a job to do." — Lemony Snicket, from When Did You See Her Last? (via the-final-sentence)
18:10"How frail the human heart must be —
a mirrored pool of thought." — Sylvia Plath’s first poem, written at age 14. (via easymomentsandobsession)

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